Garrett Holmstrom is the lead developer of the euca2ools software suite at Eucalyptus Systems, a Fedora Project Board member and developer, a regular at the Santa Barbara Hackerspace, and a recovering sysadmin.  Here is a selection of his current interests:

  • Working on his pet Python projects
  • Reading novels about wizards
  • Teaching people about the Python programming language, the git revision control system, and RPM software packaging
  • Chatting with people via amateur radio
  • Occasional gaming

Garrett can usually be found online via IRC in the #eucalyptus, #fedora-cloud, and #fedora-devel channels on chat.freenode.net as gholms.  E-mail to that user name at either devzero.com or fedoraproject.org works as well.

Pronounce gholms like “gee Holmes.” Trust us; it’s easier that way.

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